Predator Printer Applicator with Shipping and PackSlip Labeling Automation

Hi, I'm Steve Finn, Director of Sales and Marketing for Panther Industries. This video provides an overview of our shipping and pack slip solution with the all-electric Panther Predator labeling automation system. Utilizing two Predator systems in tandem removes the unnecessary and labor-intensive process related to an employee printing, folding, and attaching a pack slip or invoice to an outbound item.

This consistent in-motion process sees the first Panther Predator printing and applying the pack slip to the top of a carton. The second Predator prints and covers the pack slip with a removable shipping label. Once received, the customer simply peels the perforated strip to reveal the pack slip or invoice label beneath it.

Both systems are mounted to a solid custom-engineered superstructure that ensures all labels are applied consistently and accurately every time. This structure also allows easy access by the operator for preventative maintenance, servicing, or label stock replacement.

With OEM print engine integration from Zebra, Sato, or Honeywell, the Predator can be custom configured to align with your specific print engine requirements. Built for speed, accuracy, and reliability, the Panther Predator shipping and pack slip solution will increase your throughput, reduce your expenses, and decrease waste or loss due to outdated manual processes in your business.