Prime Labeling

Samples of Panther label applicators applying pre-printed labels to cases and trays.

Built for ultimate affordability and versatility, the entire system is engineered around a reconfigurable backbone that allows for horizontal, vertical, or custom arrangements – perfect for pre-printed labeling automation.

How can you label a pallet so that your forklift operator spends the maximum amount of time moving pallets and not incurring potential work-related injury by exiting and re-entering the forklift? Simple – by installing a Panther Industries print-and-apply system.

Apply pre-printed barcode labels in a fast-paced production line ensuring labeling accuracy and efficiency.

The Merge Applicator is a perfect solution for fulfillment operations that rely on a license plate number (LPN) barcode during picking, packing, and shipping processes to identify individual orders.

Plan, customize, and visualize your Panther labeling automation system with the Panther Virtual System Builder.