Phantom Printer Applicator with Flag Wrap Applicator

Hi, I'm Brian Baker, Account Manager at Panther Industries. In this video, we're demonstrating our innovative flag wrap labeling applicator incorporated within our pneumatic Phantom labeling system.

The flag wrap solution replaces tedious manual applications of a label around small cylindrical items such as tubes, hoses, wires, tools, or medical devices. Compared to manual labeling processes, Panther's flag wrap increases efficiency and provides a more uniform and consistent application of a label to your product.

Ultimately, you get greater output with less manual interaction. Not only that, utilizing print-on-demand labeling provides you the flexibility of labeling different products with the same system, saving you the need to purchase expensive pre-printed labels for each item.

A custom integrated table allows for fine-tuned adjustments of the placement of your labels on your items, and the system is activated with a safe and easy-to-trigger foot switch when the operator is ready to apply the label.

With OEM print engine integration from Zebra, Sato, or Honeywell, the flag wrap solution can be custom configured to align with your specific print engine requirements. Built for speed, accuracy, and reliability, Panther's flag labeling solution will increase your throughput, reduce your expenses, and decrease waste or loss due to outdated manual processes in your business.