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Unpack. Plug In. Apply.

One of the lowest cost print and apply systems on the market, the Panther Shadow print and apply label automation system is an entry-level, on-demand labeling solution.

The Shadow can be unpacked, set up, and working within minutes. It is literally as easy as setting the unit on a table and plugging it in. For greater integration within your operations, the Shadow can also be configured on a stand and rolled up to a conveyor for top and side application of labels.

Key Features

  • Affordable entry-level price point – ideal for lower volume operations
  • Dual automation options (full or semi)
  • 100% electric (no compressed air required)
  • Tabletop (standard) or portable stand mount (option)
  • Quick, efficient setup and operation
  • RFID capable

The Shadow allows the user to print and apply a label instantly. Unlike “loose-loop” systems, the label printed on the Shadow is immediately available for application as there are no labels queued up.

An ideal solution for labeling in work cells, the Shadow is easily integrated with scale heads, barcode scanners, WMS, and ERP systems. And the built-in auto tamp feature means zero user adjustments outside of the printer’s settings.

Product Overview:

Increase Throughput
Minimal footprint with modularity capabilities

  • 3 different print engine configurations: SATO, Datamax, or Toshiba.
  • Maximum stroke length (from bottom of Shadow base):
    – SATO: up to 22″
    – Datamax: up to 18″
    – Toshiba: up to 21″
  • Auto-tamp product contact sensing.
  • Push-button print request.

Reduce Expenses
Our lowest-cost robot eliminates your highest labor expense (turnover, onboarding, and training)

  • OEM print engine design for off-the-shelf replacement.
  • Simple and efficient label and ribbon loading.
  • Portable size for multi-use or on-location needs.
  • Can also be mounted to a permanent structure for top or side apply applications.

Applicator Options
Configure your Panther Shadow labeling solution to meet production line needs or capabilities with any of the following standard or custom applicator options:


Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • Your company is looking to improve productivity by automating some labeling processes.
  • The budget you have set for labeling automation is limited.

Our Solutions:

  • The Shadow system from Panther comprises a tabletop barcode label printer and an electronic applicator module - it is perfect for introducing automation to your operations.
  • The Panther Shadow is a low-cost alternative to expensive print and apply labelers.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • Your labeling operations are mainly manual, but you want to introduce a level of automation with minimal disruption.
  • The area where your labeling takes place does not have access to compressed air.
  • Your operators and maintenance teams have no experience with automatic labelers.

Our Solutions

  • Since it is based on a familiar tabletop printer and very easy to install, a Shadow can help automate your labeling process without causing any disruption to your workflow.
  • The Shadow is all-electric, so no compressed air is needed, reducing your overall operating costs.
  • The Shadow is easy to introduce to your operators since it incorporates a tabletop label printer - they are sure to be using these already.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • Training issues with getting operator and maintenance teams trained on new equipment.
  • Complex maintenance or service of the label applicator.

Our Solutions

  • Like all Panther labeling systems, the Shadow is easy to use and maintain. If you have experience with regular tabletop label printers (such as Zebra and Sato), you'll have no problems with Shadow.
  • The system features modular components for ease in maintenance or parts replacement.

Brochures & Documentation

At Panther, we truly understand what material handling and supply chain operations demand. The Panther Shadow will immediately elevate your manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment processes to realize bottom line benefits through increased throughput, reduced expenses, and decreased waste/loss.

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