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Smaller Is The Big News.

Our new P5c labeling system is designed to be the smallest, simplest, and most cost-effective automated print and apply solution available. Based upon our highly acclaimed Panther P8 architecture, the P5c is a right-sized, minimal investment labeling system designed for tight locations.

The P5c fits where no other system can, while utilizing an industry-standard 8″ supply roll.

Key Features

  • Small footprint for easy integration
  • Intentionally designed fit for custom machine builders
  • Dual automation options (full or semi)
  • Label drive assist (takeup motor assists the print engine in driving the label material, substantially reducing wear on the print engine)
  • Zero waste pneumatics – only uses air during operation
  • Remote mounted touch screen display
  • OEM print engine design for off-the-shelf replacement

Product Overview:

Increase Throughput
Faster fulfillment speeds within the same or smaller footprint.

  • Label drive assist (takeup motor assists the print engine in driving the label material, substantially reducing wear on the print engine).
  • Zero waste pneumatics – only uses air during operation.
  • Remote mounted touch screen display.
  • Reliable waste takeup system with quick-change “O” ring belt drive.
  • Product detect photoeye.

Reduce Expenses
Our lowest-cost robot eliminates your highest labor expense (turnover, onboarding, and training)

  • Easy access to air solenoids.
  • OEM print engine design for off-the-shelf replacement.
  • Simple and efficient label and ribbon loading.
  • Multiple mounting options.

Applicator Options
Configure your Panther P5c labeling solution to meet production line needs or capabilities with any of the following standard or custom applicator options:

Merge Swing Arm
Tamp Integrated Table
Tamp Blow Custom
Front / Rear Swing

Solutions for:

Senior Leadership

Your Challenges:

  • Your business needs to be able to identify every item in the logistics network, which can be a challenge.
  • Part of your plan is to improve productivity by increasing the levels of automation.

Our Solutions:

  • Panther labeling systems are specifically engineered to enable the identification of every incoming item arriving at your warehouse or fulfillment center.
  • Every Panther system is designed to help automate your operation by efficiently printing and applying barcode or shipping labels at each stage of your process - usually with no human intervention.

Operations Management

Your Challenges:

  • Downtime due to increased operator interaction with labeling systems.
  • The need to implement labeling solutions in areas with little space.
  • Integration with other systems.
  • Training challenges for operators and maintenance.

Our Solutions

  • Panther labeling systems are specifically engineered to improve automation levels for logistics, fulfillment, and e-commerce facilities. Human intervention is usually not required besides replenishing the label (and ribbon if used) supply.
  • The small physical size of the P5C print and apply labeler is often ideal for integrating into tight areas - sometimes right into OEM equipment.
  • Panther products are designed to be easily integrated into your mechanical and software systems. Extensive documentation and support are available for your own team and for the integrators you might use.
  • With extensive local support and training capabilities, Panther makes sure your team is trained in the use and maintenance of the equipment.

Operators & Technicians

Your Challenges:

  • Getting trained on equipment can be a challenge.
  • A lot of packaging or labeling equipment is complicated to use and maintain.
  • Service support can be difficult to obtain when needed.

Our Solutions

  • Panther offers complete training for your operators and maintenance team and your outside integrators.
  • Panther labelers incorporate a single HMI interface - it is simple to use for everyday operation and has extensive diagnostics and information to help with any problems.
  • Panther offers regional support throughout North America. Skilled technicians are available to help as needed.

Brochures & Documentation

At Panther, we truly understand what material handling and supply chain operations demand. The Panther P5c will immediately elevate your manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment processes to realize bottom-line benefits through increased throughput, reduced expenses, and decreased waste/loss.

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