PLC / HMI Update Instructions

Important information and instruction on how to update the PLC or HMI of your Panther labeling automation system.

Updating the PLC or HMI

To update the PLC or HMI on your Panther labeling automation system, please follow the directions listed below.
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PLC Program Update

Programs are zipped as a .tgz file and found in a folder named with the corresponding 5-digit Panther Industries serial number (found on the information page of the HMI).

NOTE: During a PLC program update, all numerical values will be retained but the ON/OFF settings will need to be turned on again. It is recommended to record any and all settings in the event you need to reference that information.

The PLC program is uploaded using the Wago Web-Based Management page. This is accessed via web browser by going to the IP address of the applicator. The IP address currently being used can be found on the HMI in Settings > Network Settings > View Panther PLC Network Settings.

Your computer will need to be on the same IP address range in order to connect. If you are unfamiliar with how to change your ethernet adapter settings to set a static IP, guidelines can be found online.

On the WBM page, find the navigation menu and go to Package Server > Firmware Restore and it will prompt for a username/password.

User: admin
Password: PantherP8

Check the box for PLC Runtime Project, browse to find the .tgz file you unzipped, then hit Submit.

After the PLC program has been updated, reboot the Panther Industries system and then default the system in Maintenance > Default Manager > Set Panther Defaults. This requires the maintenance login/password for the HMI:

User: 2
Password: 1234

After the Panther Industries defaults have been loaded you will need to enable the printer type in Printer Settings, as well as any other custom settings you recorded in the first step.

HMI Program Update

Programs are zipped as an .exe file and found in a folder named with the corresponding 5-digit Panther Industries serial number (found on the information page of the HMI).

Updating the HMI requires a hardwired ethernet connection to the remote display box. On the back of the box is a M12 cable for power tied to the ethernet cable running to the Panther Industries control box. Disconnect the ethernet cable and run a cable from the HMI to your computer.

The HMI has an isolated ethernet port, so it is not on the same network as the PLC’s IP address we used in the previous section. The static IP address for the HMI is and you will need to change the IP address of your ethernet adapter to put it in the same range in order to connect. You should be able to ping and receive a response to verify you can talk to the HMI.

Next, run the .exe program you unzipped and you will be prompted to download:

Click OK. The program will automatically search and find the display.

Click OK and the new HMI program will download. Once complete, reconnect the HMI ethernet cable that is tied to the M12 power cable that goes to the Panther Industries PLC.

For specific support or service related issues, please contact:
or call us direct at 800-530-6018 x120